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As a research institute, the Franke Institute for the Humanities has an ideal location in the University's library for humanities and social sciences, the Regenstein Library. Fellows take advantage of these ready-to-hand resources - books move easily back and forth between the stacks and the fellows' offices. At the same time, this central location within the library makes attending a lecture or conference an opportune diversion from ongoing research or study for faculty members or graduate students.

As part of a building housing over five million volumes, the Institute's first-floor wing participates in the large scale of "the Reg's" reinterpretation of the University's neo-gothic architecture: ceilings are high, windows stretch from ceiling to floor, and entrances open wide with tall glass doors. The Institute's first-floor wing juts southward from the building's front face, its vertically textured facades alternating with windows like flying buttresses. In a cascade of squares on either side of the hallway, the Institute's public rooms mark its greatest breadth, which tapers, with fellows' offices on either side, to the tip of the wing.

For public events, the Institute's conference room can be tailored to small groups or larger gatherings (up to eighty guests), and speakers use the room's multimedia equipment. Refreshments are served in the adjacent lounge, nearby the kitchen. Especially for late afternoon and evening events, the building conveniently keeps 'library hours' - it's open late into the night.

With public discussions in close proximity to research, polished arguments and nascent hypotheses cross-fertilize each other as fellows, colleagues, and visitors exchange views in the Institute's commons - around the coffee pot, the printer, or the buffet table, or peruse recent periodicals in the fellows' reading room.




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