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The members of the Governing Board are faculty members from various departments in the Humanities Division, as well as from a department in the Social Sciences.

Fred Donner, Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Near Eastern History, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and the Oriental Institute

Maud EllmannRandy L. & Melvin R. Berlin Professor, English Language & Literature Department and the College

Anastasia Giannakidou, Professor, Linguistics Department and the College

Travis Jackson
, Associate Professor Music Department and the College

Rochona Majumdar, Associate Professor, South Asian Languages & Civilizations, Cinema & Media Studies, and the College

Larry Norman, Frank L. Sulzberger Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures, Theater & Performance Studies, and the College

Rosanna Warren, Hanna Holborn Gray Distinguished Professor, Committee on Social Thought and the College







New projects that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental lines
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