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Past Visiting Scholars (2003-2004)

Art History

Diana Miliotes, Visiting Professor, Research Curator, Smart Museum of Art; Spring & Winter

Christian Scholl, Visiting Scholar, University of Gottingen; 2002-2004

Yang Chia-Ling, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of London

New Testament and Early Christian Literature

Jås Elsner, Visiting Professor, University of Cambridge; Spring 2004-2008

Classical Languages & Literatures

Martijn Cuypers, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Leiden; July 2003-July 2004

Committee on Visual Arts

Kathryn Hixson, Visiting Professor, Critic, The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago; Fall

George Kimmerling, Visiting Professor, Artist; Fall

Judy Hoffman, Visiting Professor, Filmmaker, Fall

Lori Rogers, Visiting Professor, Artist; Fall

Center for East Asian Studies

Seongchan Kim, Visiting Scholar, Inje University, Seoul, Korea

Chao-yang Liao, Visiting Scholar, National Taiwan University

Chuanjin Tao, Visiting Scholar, Tsinghua University, China

Chan-Liang Wu, Visiting Scholar, National Taiwan University

Fanrong Zeng, Visiting Scholar, Xian Jiaotong University; Winter & Spring

East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Yan Feng, Assistant Professor, Fudan University; Fall

Slavic Languages & Literatures

Apti Bisultanov, Visiting Professor, Scholars at Risk Program, Winter & Spring

Germanic Studies

Mamiko Ikenaga, Visiting Scholar, University Hosei, Japan

English Language & Literature

Claudia Allen, Playwright; Fall, Winter, Spring

David Bunn, Schaffner Visiting Professor; Spring

Jane Taylor, Schaffner Visiting Professor; Spring

Gabriele Dietze, Visiting Lecturer and Bosch Fellow, Humboldt
Universitat, Berlin; Winter

Dorothy Driver, Visiting Associate Professor, University of Capetown; Fall

Susan Fromberg-Schaeffer, Visiting Scholar, Novelist, Brooklyn
College; Fall

Julia Kristeva, Critical Inquiry Distinguished Visiting Professor,
Universite de Paris; Fall

Achy Obejas, Springer Lecturer in Creative Writing; 2003-2005

Sriikanth Reddy, Poet, William Vaughn Moody Lecturer in Creative Writing; 2003-2005

Mary Margaret Sloan, Poet; Winter

Megan Stielstra, Fiction Writer; Winter & Spring

Karen Su, Visiting Assistant Professor; Winter & Spring

Jun Zhang, Visiting Scholar, Fulbright Research Fellow, Northeast
Normal University, China


Peter Smith, Visiting Professor, Notre Dame University; Winter & Spring

Matthew Butterfield, Post Doctoral Fellow of Music Theory, University of Pennsylvania

Jan Radzynski, Visiting Professor, Ohio State University; Fall & Winter

Elizabeth Sikora, Visiting Professor, Institut de Recherche et
Coordination de l'Acoustique et de la Musique; Spring

Fabian Holt, Post Doctoral Fellow of Ethnomusicology

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Boris Marshak, Visiting Lecturer, State Hermitage Museum,
St.Petersburg; Spring

Gavriel Zoran, Visiting Associate Professor, Haifa University, Spring


Barbara Carnevali, Visiting Scholar, University of Pisa

South Asian Languages and Civilizations

David Washbrrok, Visiting Professor, Modern South Asia Project, Oxford University; Winter

Gautam Bhadra, Visiting Professor, Modern South Asia Project, Calcutta University; Spring

M.T. Ansari, COSAS Visiting Fellow, M.S. University, Baroda, India; Sping

Sanjay Subrahmaniyam, Visiting Professor, Modern South Asia Project, Oxford University, Spring

Sudipta Kaviraj, Visiting Professor, London University, Winter & Spring

Romance Languages and Literatures

Andrea Alonge, Fulbright Visiting Associate Professor of Italian
Literature, University of Turin; Spring

Jean Balsamo, Visiting Professor of French Literature, Universite de Reims; Spring

Norbert Bilbeny, Tinker Visiting Professor of Spanish Literature,
Universidad de Barcelona; Fall

Francesco Bruni, Visiting Professor

Marc Fumaroli, Visiting Professor

Claude Hagege, Visiting Lecturer

Jean-Francois Hamel, Post-doc Fellow

Marcel Henaff, Visiting Professor

John Ireland, Visiting Associate Professor of French Cinema,,
University of Illinois-Chicago; Fall

Julio Jensen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature,
University of Copenhauge; Winter & Spring

Julia Kristeva, Critical Inquiry Distinguished Visiting Professor

Valentina Lessi, Visiting Pisa Exhange Lecturer of Italian Language and Culture, University of Pisa; Fall

Fracine Markovits, Visiting Professor

Elisa Marti-Lopez,Visiting Associate Professor of Spanish Literature, Northwestern
University; Fall

Guido Mazzoni, Fulbright Post-doc Visiting Scholar

Guiseppe Mazzotta, Visiting Lecturer

Richard Millet, Visiting Lecturer

Julio Noriega, Summer Visiting Scholar

Pedro Pereira, Visiting Lecturer of Brazilian/Portuguese Literature, Brown University; Winter

Sophie Rabau, Visiting Assistant Professor

Francesca Sardi, Visiting Lecturer

Chiara Sbordoni, Cynthia-Rome Exchange

Alexandre Seurat, ENS

Gabriella Bruna Zarri, Visiting Scholar

Roger Zuber, Visiting Professor

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Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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