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Past Fellows (2004-2005)

Faculty Fellows

Shadi Bartsch, Professor, Classical Languages & Literatures
"Troping the Classics: Medieval Metaphors for Ancient Texts"

Robert Bird, Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages & Literatures
"Engaging Fictions: Distance and Commitment in Russian Modernism"

Bradin Cormack, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature
"A Power to Do Justice: Jurisdiction in English Law and Literature, 1509-1625"

Patchen Markell, Assistant Professor, Political Science
"Democracy and the Problem of Agency"

Valerie Ritter, Assistant Professor, South Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Modern Hindi Poetry and Poetics, 1885-1935"

Xiaobing Tang, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
"The Consequences of Art in Modern China: Discourses, Institutions, Movements"

William Wimsatt, Professor, Philosophy
"The Role of Generation and Stasis in the Evolution of Complex Organizations "

Affiliated Faculty Fellow

Steven Pincus, Associate Professor, History
"The First Modern Revolution"

Doctoral Fellows

Joy Beckman, Doctoral Candidate, Art History
"Layers of Being: Bodies, Objects, and Spaces in Warring State Funerals"

Emily Godbey, Doctoral Candidate, Art History
"Rubbernecking and the Business of Disaster"

Daniella Reinhard , Doctoral Candidate, Classical Languages & Literatures
"Playing Dead: Hades, Eidolatry and the Human in Homer and Sophocles"

Anthony Raynsford, Doctoral Candidate, Art History
"Sites of Lost Dwelling"

Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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