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Past Fellows (2008-2009)

Faculty Fellows

Orit Bashkin, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
"The Nation of Muhammad, the Prayers of Moses (and the Writings of Marx): Jewish-Iraqi Intellectuals, 1921-51"

Leong Ping Foong, Assistant Professor, Art History
"Landscape Invested: Political Reformation, Poetic Protest and Painting in the Late Northern Song"

Michael Forster, Professor, Philosophy
"After Herder: Essays on Philosophy of Language in the German Tradition"

Andreas Glaeser, Associate Professor, Sociology
"Liberal Political Epistemics: How Germans and Americans have Made Sense of Immigrants"

Rebecca Hasselbach, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Oriental Institute
"Grammatical Roles and Relations in Semitic"

Alison James, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures
"Constraining Chance: Georges Perec and the Oulipo"

Jonathan Lear, Professor, Committee on Social Thought, Philosophy
"Irony and Identity"

Rochona Majumdar, Assistant Professor, South Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Cinema India: Art and Politics of a Forgotten Era"

Doctoral Fellows

Rafeeq Hasan, Philosophy
"Virtue and Nature in Rousseau”

Valerie Levan, Comparative Literature
"Fashioning the Modern Self: The Rhetoric of Failure in Yu Dafu’s Creative Project"

Lauren Silvers, Comparative Literature
"Imagined Aesthetic Encounters: Psychological Knowledge and the Embodiment of the Reading Subject at the French Fin-de-Siecle"

Suyoung Son, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Writing for Print: Zhang Chao and Literati-Publishing in Seventeenth-Century China"


Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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