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Past Fellows (2009-2010)

Faculty Fellows

David H. Finkelstein, Associate Professor, Philosophy
“Consciousness Matters”

Ryan Giles, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures
“Unholy Words: Parodic Prayer and Incantation in Medieval and Early Modern Spain”

Michael Kremer, Professor, Philosophy
“Sense, Meaning, and the Development of Frege’s Thought”

David Martinez, Associate Professor, Classics and the Divinity School
“Ancient Greek Papyri in the University of Texas Collection”

Verity Platt, Assistant Professor, Art History
“Images and Impressions: The Cultural Life of Seals in Ancient Greece and Rome”

François G. Richard, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“Ambiguous States and Entangled Landscapes: Cultural Histories of Power in Siin (Senegal), 1500-1930”

Joshua Scodel, Professor, English and Comparative Literature
“Living as One Pleased in English Renaissance Literature”

Doctoral Fellows

Rad Borislavov, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
"Viktor Shklovskii-Between Art and Life"

Doron Galili, Committee on Cinema and Media Studies
"Seeing by Electricity: Vision, Temporality and Intermediality in Early Television"

Peggy Wang, Department of Art History
"Contemporary Chinese Art and the Global Exhibitionary Culture in the 1990s"

Cecelia Watson, Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science
"Relating to Nature: John La Farge, William James and the Search for Truth in Nineteenth Century Art, Science and Philosophy"


Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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