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Past Fellows (2012-2013)

Faculty Fellows

Jason Bridges, Associate Professor, Philosophy
"In Defense of Reason"

Julie Y. Chu, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
"Infrastructures of Mobility: An Ethnography of Dis/connections in Southern China"

Xinyu Dong, Assistant Professor, Cinema & Media Studies
"China at Play: Republican Film Comedies and Chinese Cinematic Modernity"

Martha Feldman, Professor, Music
"The Castrato Phantom: Encryptions and Voice, from Moreschi to Fellini and Back"

Chelsea Foxwell, Assistant Professor, Art History
"Mirror of Painting: Historical Imagination, Social Identity, and the Circulation of Images in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Japan"

Berthold Hoeckner, Associate Professor, Music
"Film, Music, Memory"

Paola Iovene, Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Tales of Future Past: Utopia and the Ends of Literature in Contemporary China"

Hoyt Long, Assistant Professor,  East Asian Languages & Civilizations
"The Arts of Association: Japanese Letters and the Modeling of a Modern Information Society"

Affiliated Fellows

Richard Jean So, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature
"Republic of Mind: America, China and the Rise and Fall of a Global Literary Network, 1929-1955"

Doctoral Fellows

Martin Baeumel, Doctoral Candidate, German Studies
"What Poems Want - Configurations of Poetry between Baroque and Romanticism"

Melissa Bilal, Doctoral Candidate, Music
"An Affective Genealogy of the Armenian Lullaby in Turkey"

Helen Findley, Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Moveable Feast: Buddhist Homiletic Performance in Meiji Japan"

Julia Langbein, Doctoral Candidate, Art History
"Salon Caricature in Paris, 1840-1871"


Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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