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Past Fellows (2013-2014)

Faculty Fellows

Ben Laurence, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
“Political Philosophy as Realistic Utopianism”
Benjamin Morgan, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature
“The Science of Beauty: Victorian Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind, 1840-1900”
John Muse, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature
“Microdramas: Short Theater Since 1880”
Emily Lynn Osborn, Assistant Professor, History
“Casting Aluminum Pots: Labor, Migration and Technology in West Africa, 1945-2005”
Steven Rings, Associate Professor, Music
“A Foreign Sound to Your Ear: Bob Dylan in Performance”
Na’ama Rokem, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
“Divergent Paths of Exile”

Justin Steinberg, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
"Mimesis on Trial: Boccaccio's Realism, the Inquisition, and the Rise of the Novella"
Malte Willer, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
“The Dynamics of Normativity and Subjectivity”

Doctoral Fellows

Peter Erickson, Doctoral Candidate, Germanic Studies
"Religious Conversion in the Late German Enlightenment"

Joela Jacobs, Doctoral Candidate, Germanic Studies
"Non-Human Configurations of Life in Literary Grotesques From Oskar Panizza to Franz Kafka"

Ilanit Loewy Shacham, Doctoral Candidate South Asian Languages & Civilizations
"Narratives and Narratives about Narratives: The Story and Afterlife of Kṛṣṇadevarāya's Āmuktamālyada"

Bart van Wassenhove, Doctoral Candidate, Classics
"Emotion, Admonition and Moral Progress in Seneca's Philosophical Works"


Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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