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Past Fellows (2014-2015)

Faculty Fellows

Claudia Brittenham, Assistant Professor, Art History
"Unseen Art: Vision and Memory in Ancient Mesoamerica"

Anton Ford, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
“What is Done: A Theory of Transaction”

Itamar Francez, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
“Meaning and the Limits of Linguistic Variation”

Gabriel Lear, Professor, Philosophy
“Plato on Beauty and Being Good”
Constantine Nakassis, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“Onscreen/Offscreen: Ontologies of the Image in South Indian Cinema”
Anubav Vasudevan, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
“Chance, Determinism, and the Classical Theory of Probability”

Christopher Wild, Associate Professor, Germanic Studies
“Meditation and the Institution of the Self: Descartes, Ignatius, and Augustine”
Alice Yao, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“From Fortresses to Shrines: Tribal Geographies and Imperial Encounters in Southwest China, (100 BC - 300 AD)”

Dissertation-Year Fellows

Nir Ben Moshe, Doctoral Candidate, Philosophy
"Idealization and the Moral Point of View: An Adam Smithian Account of Moral Reasons"

Daniel Gough, Doctoral Candidate, Music
"Listening in the Megacity: Music in Sao Paulo's Cultural Policy Worlds"

Marcelle Pierson, Doctoral Candidate, Music
"The Voice under Erasure: Singing, Melody and Expression in Late Modernist Music"

Ranu Roychoudhuri, Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Languages and Civilizations
"Images and Imaginings: A History of Photography in Twentieth Century Bengal"


Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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