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Incoming Fellows (2017-2018)

Faculty Fellows

Margareta Ingrid Christian, Assistant Professor, Germanic Studies
"Aesthetic Environs: A Cultural History of Air Around 1900"

Marco Garrido, Assistant Professor, Sociology
"City of Squatters and Villagers: Spatial Fragmentation and Political Polarization in Metro Manila"

Patrick Jagoda, Associate Professor, English Language & Literature
"Experimental Games"

Michael Kremer, Mary R. Morton Professor, Philosophy
"Getting Things Right: Gilbert Ryle on Knowledge"

Susanne Paulus, Assistant Professor, Oriental Institute and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
"Comparative Studies of Kassite Archives: A Legal, Economic, and Social History of Babylonia (1350-1150 BCE)"

Zachary Samalin, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature
"The Masses Are Revolting: Victorian Culture and the Aesthetics of Disgust"

Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky, Assistant Professor, Cinema & Media Studies
"The Aesthetic of Labor: Craft, Industry, and Service Work in Latin American Cinema"

Megan Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Art History
"After Mondrian: Abstract Art and the Challenge of Development in South America"

Dissertation-Year Fellows


Students walking through the quad
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