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Past Fellows (2018-2019)

Faculty Fellows

Matthew Boyle, Professor, Philosophy
“The Significance of Self-Consciousness”
Rachel Galvin, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature
“The Hemispheric Poetics of Latinx Literature”
Elaine Hadley, Professor,  English Language and Literature
“The Dismal Science of Economics and the Lost Art of Political Economy”
Demetra Kasimis, Assistant Professor, Political Science
“The Poetics of Refuge: Greek Tragedy and the Making of the Refugee”
Maria Anna Mariani, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
“Italy and the Bomb. Literary Recreation in a Nuclear Age”
Miguel Martinez, Assistant Professor,  Romance Languages and Literatures
“Third New World. The Spanish Colonial Philippines and the Global Imagination”
James F. Osborne, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
“Diaspora and Mobility: The Syro-Anatolian Culture Complex”
Jacqueline Stewart, Professor, Cinema and Media Studies
“Our Comedy of Blackness: The Films of Spencer Williams”

Dissertation-Completion Fellows

Julianne Grasso, Doctoral Candidate, Music
“Video Game Music, Meaning, and the Possibilities of Play”

Silvia Guslandi, Doctoral Candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures
“Belonging to the Threshold: appartenenza and sradicamento in early 20th Century ‘Italian’ Literature”

Noa Merkin, Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies
“Little Patch of Yellow: On the Detail in Film”

Ahona Panda, Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Languages & Civilizations
“Philology and the Politics of Language: The Case of Bengali, 1893-1955”

Amanda Shubert, Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature
“Victorian Optical Fictions, 1832-1896”

Alexander Sorenson, Doctoral Candidate, Germanic Studies
“Trials by Water: Law, Sacrifice, and Ethics in German Realism"

Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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