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Current Fellows (2019-2020)

Faculty Fellows

Emily Austin, Assistant Professor, Classics
“Grief and the Hero: The Futility of Longing in the Iliad”

Jessica Swanston Baker, Assistant Professor, Music
“Too Fast: Music and the Aesthetics of Speed in the Caribbean"

Larissa Brewer-García, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures
“Salvation, Reconsidered: Black Freedom in Colonial Spanish America”

John Muse, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature
“Theater and the Virtual”

Anna Schultz, Associate Professor, Music
“Songs Left Behind: Gender, Migration, and Translation among India’s Bene Israel”

Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Studies
“Concrete Aesthetics: Materiality, Politics, and History in the Image”

James Wilson, Assistant Professor, Political Science
“The Democratic Grounds of Justice”

Mareike Winchell, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“After Servitude: Cartographies of Indigenous Justice in Bolivia”

Dissertation-Completion Fellows

Daniel Carranza, Doctoral Candidate, Germanic Studies
“Morphological Poetics in the Age of Goethe"

Sam Lasman, Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature
“Dragons, Fairies, and Time: Imagining the Past in Medieval Persian, French, and Welsh Narrative"

Yiying Pan, Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
“Symphonic Spaces, Synthesized Knowledge: Environment, Society, and Governance of Eastern Sichuan Highlands, 1723-1864"

Bradley Spiers, Doctoral Candidate, Music
“Galatea’s Song: Anthropic Music-Making and the Genesis of Artificial Life"

Pao-chen Tang, Doctoral Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies
“The Animist Imagination of Cinema"

Brandon Truett, Doctoral Candidate, English Language & Literature
“Art War: The Transnational Imaginary of the Spanish Civil War, 1936 to the Present"

Students walking through the quad
Photo Credit: Mai Vukcevich

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