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Sawyer Seminar at the University of Chicago
The Problem of Non-Discursive Thought from Goethe to Wittgenstein

Concluding Conference

The Problem of Non-Discursive Thought: Second Conference

October 12-14, 2007
Swift Hall, 1025 East 58th Street

This conference concludes the Sawyer Seminar, directed by Jim Conant and David Wellbery, which has focused on the problem of non-discursive thought and its articulations in German literature and in philosophy from Goethe to Wittgenstein. Discussion will also engage with works from such figures as Kant, Hegel, Kafka, and Husserl.

Friday, October 12th

10:00 Opening Remarks
10:30 Andrea Kern,"Spontaneity and Receptivity in Kant's Theory of Knowledge"
2:00 Sebastian Rödl, "Logical Form as Relation to the Object"
4:30 Hannah Ginsborg, "Was Kant a Nonconceptualist?"

Saturday, October 13th

10:00 Eli Friedlander, "Meaning and Aesthetic Judgment in Kant"
2:00 Arata Hamawaki, "Kant on Beauty and the Normative Force of Experience"
4:30 David Wellbery, "Kafka's Wish"

Sunday, October 14th

10:00 Clinton Tolley, "Apprehending Logical Form"
2:00 John McDowell, "Avoiding the Myth of the Given"

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