The 2001-2002 Sawyer Seminar at the University of Chicago

From Medieval to Modern

in the Islamic World

Sponsored by the Andrew Mellon Foundation



Autumn 2001
Islamdom 1300-1600: State of Knowledge and Issues

Winter 2002
The Formation of Regional Empire

Spring 2002
Islamdom and Christianity: From Medieval to Early Modern


The seminar will meet bi-weekly through each quarter, with papers or position statements circulated in advance. Initially, at least, preference will be given to presentations that address the large issue of mapping the field. Throughout the project, emphasis will be given to intellectual and cultural production in the appropriate social context, as this remains the arena most grossly neglected in the extant literature; our goal here is, quite simply, to encourage and help direct new research.


Toward the end of each quarter, we hope to convene a workshop/conference that will foster integration of this project with other group and individual endeavors, in relation to each quarter's theme.


A Postdoctoral Fellow and two Doctoral Fellows will participate in the workshops and conferences. These are research and study fellowships that do not entail teaching responsibilities, though all fellows will participate in the workshops, panels, and conferences of the seminar throughout the year.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Adnan Ahmed Husain: Assistant Professor, Departments of Middle Eastern Studies and History, New York University, whose research project is entitled "Interconfessional Encounters: Self and History in Late Medieval Religious Identities."

Doctoral Fellows

Ebru Turan: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, whose research is on "The Ottoman Vizierate 1523-79."

Sinem Eryilmaz: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, whose reasearch is on "Sehname Writing in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century: Its Formation and Cultural Context."


Cornell H. Fleischer,
Chairman; Kanuni Suleyman Professor of Ottoman & Modern Turkish Studies, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and History

Robert Dankoff,
Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations (Turkish Language and Literature)

Rachel Fulton,
Assistant Professor, History (Medieval Europe)

Tamar Herzog,
Assistant Professor, History (Early Modern Spain and Spanish America)

Steven Pincus,
Associate Professor, History (Early Modern Europe)

John E. Woods,
Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies; Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and History (Medieval-Early Modern Islamic History)

Lucy Pick,
John Nuveen Instructor, Divinity School (Medieval Spain)

The Sawyer Seminar Program is sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Coordinated by:

The Franke Institute for the Humanities
The University of Chicago
1100 East 57th Street
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phone: 773-702-8274